11th Annual Biomarker Conference

Join Almac at the upcoming 11th Annual Biomarker Conference in Manchester, UK where Almac’s Product Development Leader Dr Steve Walker will present Almac’s latest Immuno-Oncology biomarker data.

Almac and Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) have collaborated in an innovative research partnership to understand how the biology of the Almac-discovered DDRD molecular subtype is associated with immune response. Almac has used its expertise to develop the ‘DDRD’ multiplex diagnostic test. This test is not specific to one drug, but to a whole class of DNA damaging drugs, and indeed, a whole range of cancers in which DNA damage and/or immune response is a factor.
Dr Walker’s presentation The DDRD Molecular Assay; A Biomarker For DNA Damage Activated Immune Checkpointing’ will highlight recent data showing how DNA Damage Response Deficiency (DDRD) in Breast Cancer is associated with a STING-dependant Innate Immune Response.

Presentation highlights include:

• Almac’s DNA damage response deficiency (DDRD) assay detects a molecular subtype of cancers which have defective DNA repair.
• The DDRD group is define by activation of immune response mediated by an intrinsic immune pathway (cGAS-STING pathway).
• Activation of this pathway leads to induction of immune checkpoint targets (such as PD-L1 and IDO1).
• We believe that the assay will have utility for the prediction of response to Immune Checkpoint inhibitors

Date & Time: Friday 26 February, 09:00 – 09:30
Conference Stream: Biomarkers In Drug Discovery & Development
Conference Room: Charter 1

About the Conference

Over 250 delegates representing leading biotech companies, global pharma organisations and internationally renowned academic institutions.
Over 55 presentations, case studies and panel discussions focused on the key issues in biomarker research, companion diagnostics, personalised medicine and clinical biomarkers

6 Interactive Streams:

• Biomarkers in Drug Discovery & Development
• Personalised Medicine, Companion Diagnostics & Patient Testing
• Biomarker Discovery, Verification & Validation
• Innovations In Biomarker Research
• Biomarker: Clinical Development & Clinical Trials
• Clinical Diagnostics, NGS & Genomic Markers

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Start Date 2016년 2월 25일
End Date 2016년 2월 26일
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Location Manchester, London