Almac Diagnostics Business Unit is a personalised medicine company focused on the discovery, development and commercialisation of diagnostic tests including companion diagnostics. Our approach to personalised medicine is poised to change the way that medicines are developed, regulated and prescribed. We partner with biopharma companies to provide solutions ranging from pre-clinical biomarker discovery to companion diagnostic development including regulatory submissions and commercialisation. We also facilitate biomarker clinical trial management and clinical test delivery from our CLIA lab. The tests developed at Almac Diagnostics have a wide range of applications including patient selection, and are utilized in phase I to phase III registrational clinical trials.

An emphasis on scientific and technological excellence combined with a committed and passionate multi-functional team, puts Almac Diagnostics in a leadership position to take companion and other diagnostic tests all the way through development and to commercialisation.

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Working with us: Our key expertise is in the discovery, development and commercialisation of Multiplex Companion Diagnostics (MCDx). Through our partnerships with major pharmaceutical companies and our own internal research and development, we have proven experience and published results in the discovery, development and commercialisation of MCDx assays.

We have a long standing reputation of successful diagnostic test discovery, development and validation from FFPE samples. We are experts in the molecular subtyping of complex diseases to uncover new biology that aids in downstream patient stratification. Using our innovative approach, we have successfully developed diagnostics for our partners, as well as our own pipeline of novel molecular tests.

Whether you hold FFPE samples or fresh tissue samples, there are complex signatures and multiplex biomarkers just waiting to be discovered.


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